Is MCPC a sleeping bull? Complete overview of MCPC coin

Overview of MCPC:

Hi, today we’ll talk about mobile crypto pay coin(MCPC). It seems one of the best coin to invest for long term perspective.

Why? Let’s discuss it.

Mcpc is 1.5+ year old pivx fork with its own usercase of buying and selling products across the world using their own market place.

Mcpc is a pos/mn based coin where you can just stake mcpc in your wallet or host masternode. Its masternode collateral is about 10,000 coins per masternode, currently it’s annual roi is 43.06%/848 days with more than 62% coins locked in masternode with circulating supply of 8,795,865 mcpc which shows that community is quite strong though.

It’s listed on exchanges like Crex24 and graviex which provides enough liquidity for buyers and sellers. Currently its market price is like 30-40 satoshi per coin which makes it really affordable to invest and hold for long term.

MCM Marketplace:

The MCM marketplace is an ecommerce platform similar to AMAZON, FLIPKART, EBAY where you can buy or sell your favourite products with cryptocurrency as payment option. Currently 20 plus coins are accepted as payment option for buying/selling the products. There is also an option available for users to create their own store.

In order to gain access to the marketplace, register for a free account.

While registering make sure to choose the right option: I am a customer or vendor.

After successfully registering an account, you can start purchasing the product of your choice.

How to purchase a product in MCM Marketplace?

Select the product you want to buy and click on “Add to cart” icon as shown in the below pic.

For example, I have chosen the F-secure SAFE product and added it to cart

Now the product has been added to cart and if you have any coupon code apply it or just click on proceed to checkout

In the checkout page, it will ask you to enter the billing details like name, address etc. Fill out the required details and select the coin you want to pay with and click on place order.

Is it worth investing in this project?

Short answer, yes it is worth investing in this project as price is quite low and devs are still working on mobile wallet,marketing and mcm mobile app which will definitely increase its demand also its maximum supply is 21 million mcpc just like btc. So, price might increase in this bullish market else it’s worth holding for long term. You can join their discord server, telegram group to interact with them. You can also follow them on twitter.

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