Why market is soo bullish and is it just beginning?

Currently not only crypto but stocks, commodities and real estate is mooning. Gold and silver hits it’s 10 year high,various nasdaq listed stocks price already increased by 2x or so,Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies are also mooning. After a sudden crash due to corona virus pandemic. Everyone was expecting it’d take a long time to be recovered but it recovered much much faster than expected.

So, what’s the reason of this sudden pump in market? Then the answer is continuous money printing. Many countries like Usa, Europe are providing stimulus money to people. Everyone knows this crazy money printing can lead to inflation. So people are investing their earnings, stimulus money,etc in commodities,stocks,crypto,etc as if inflation rate increases it’ll save them rather than keeping money in banks. It’s a fundamental rule of market more the money circulates in market more the demand and price will increase as supply will remain limited. That’s why commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies are mooning.

Will market stay bullish?

Well certainly no one can predict but for short term we might see some corrections and for long term perspective market is bullish as more money will circulate in markets and price can go up.

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